About Us

The CanCyber Foundation is a not-for-profit organization with the goal of building threat hunting capabilities and promoting sharing between government, private sector, and the security industry.

Point of Contact :

The CanCyber management team has been appointed by the Government of Canada to build a strong and independent solution for detecting cyber attacks.  Their mandate is operate and support the CanCyber Foundation, and facilitate the election of an independent Board of Directors to provide oversight of the foundation's initiatives.

Mr McLellan is responsible for the capabilities and operations of CanCyber.  He oversees development of the tools and guides clients in detecting cyber threats. 

Mr Frappier is responsible for developing and maintaining our relationships with strategic partners.  He also oversees the communications, training and client engagements.

The Logo

The CanCyber Foundation symbol and logo was designed by Steve Zelle and represents the following aspects: